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Recently, I wrote about the various ways of measuring language popularity, and I thought I'd add another two.

TrendySkills measures popularity of IT technologies (not just languages) by extracting information from job advertisements. It's currently showing Python at number 9, just ahead of C and just behind HTML5. Despite the name, the site doesn't appear to measure trends as such (what technologies are becoming more popular or less popular), but only snapshots of current popularity. It also mixes data collected from numerous countries, including the USA, Spain and Sweden. I don't think the job market is truly world-wide, not even in IT, so that seems a weakness to me: just because a technology is popular in one country doesn't mean it will be equally popular in another.

RedMonk periodically posts a graph of language popularity based on GitHub and StackOverflow. They find Python in position 5, sandwiched between C# and C++.

However you measure it, there's no doubt that Python is one of the most popular and influential languages around.
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What's the most popular programming language in the world? Or at least those parts of the English-speaking world which are easily found on the Internet? C, C++, Java, PHP, Javascript, VB? Is Python on the rise on in decline? How do we know?

There are a few websites which make the attempt to measure programming language popularity, for some definition of "popularity". Since they all have different methods of measuring popularity, and choose different proxies to measure (things like the number of job ads or the number of on-line tutorials for a language), they give different results — sometimes quite radically different, which is a strong indicator that even if language popularity has a single objective definition (and it probably doesn't) none of these methods are measuring it.

So keeping in mind that any discussion of language popularity should be taken with a considerable pinch of salt, let's have a look at four well-known sites that try to measure popularity.

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